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Professional Handling By Rose Leale
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About Us

Who I Am

Ever since I laid eyes on my first dog, I was in love.  Dogs have been my passion from that moment on.  As a teenager, I was fortunate to have several wonderful breeders and handlers who mentored me and taught me the ways of the dog show sport.  I learned everything from canine structure and evaluation, to grooming and conditioning, training and presentation in the ring, and managing a show dog career.  I began showing in UKC junior showmanship when I was 14yrs old and with a Great Pyrenees puppy owned by my first mentors, Silvia and Kristy of GrendsLori Great Pyreness.  Leara and I learned together, and even though at the time it seemed like a cruel trick to show a puppy while the other juniors had well trained seasoned show dogs, I don't think I could be where I am today without that silly bouncy Pyr pup showing me the way.
Since beginning my professional handling career, I have had the pleasure of finishing countless AKC Champions and Grand Champions of multiple breeds from several groups.  I have campaigned dogs to the top 5 breed rankings, finished the first AKC Grand Champion Boykin Spaniel, and am honored to currently be campaigning the #1 Boykin Spaniel in Breed & All Breed standings.
Although I have not yet bred my own litter, I do enjoy working closely with breeders in assisting with breeding and whelping, as well as evaluating puppies. I am also very passionate about keeping purebred dogs true to their original function.  Theres nothing better than seeing a beautiful champion sporting dog out in the field doing what it was bred to do, or a livestock guardian looking over their flock.

Thank You!

I wouldn't be where I am today without all my wonderful clients and friends who have trusted me with their dogs care and have always been there with kindness, support and assistance.  I can't thank you all enough!

Why Us?

I take pride in every dog I take into the ring.  Each dog is groomed, conditioned, trained and presented to perfectionGood sportsmanship is always exhibited both in and out of the ring, and every dog will be made to feel as though they have won Best in Show after their time around the ring.  

Why do I show dogs?  Plain and simple, I LOVE the dogs.  Every dog I work with has something to teach me, be it about handling or about myself.  Every dog will present a new lesson to learn, and I am open and eager to take what they have to show me.  I enjoy bonding with and getting to know every dog, as they are each individuals with their own unique personalities and quirks.  

When your dog is with me, they will be treated like one of my own, with lots of love and play time.  Safety is of the utmost importance, and all dogs will always be walked on leash, by me personally, and will never be left at the show site overnight.  All dogs sleep in the hotel room with me when on the road, and often times sleep on the bed with me!

For more information about the care of our dogs while traveling, please visit the On The Road page.

I do this for the love of dogs.

Club Affiliations

I am a member of the American Brittany Club, Alamo Brittany Club and the Boykin Spaniel Club & Breeders Association of America (BSCBAA).  I am proud to be on the BSCBAA Judges Education & Standards committee, Show committee, and Junior Showmanship committee as well as a club approved breed mentor for the Boykin Spaniel.